New Retail

Learn the development of new retailing in China and specific business innovation and practice adopted in the retailing business.

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About this course

This course offers an overview of the development of new retailing in China and specific business innovation and practice adopted in the retailing business. Besides the introduction of the new retailing business, two specific topics about Omni-channel strategy and influencer livestreaming marketing will be discussed with both business cases and marketing strategies suggested by current stream of empirical marketing research literature.

What you’ll learn

  • Key features defining new retailing business 
  • Retailer transformation and innovation practice in China
  • Challenges and opportunities facing fast evolving marketing environment and customer preference
  • Strengths and weaknesses of different marketing channels
  • Consistent customer-centered Omni-channel marketing strategy
  • Quantitatively marketing tools to facilitate better livestreaming marketing practice

About the instructor(s)

Shuo Zhang

Assistant Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Session


    The Development of New Retailing

    This session provides discussion about: 1. what is new retailing? 2. What features the development of the new retailing business? 3. Why retailers are rushing for transformation?

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    China Retail Market Evolution

    This session further introduces evolution of China retail market from a micro perspective. Dr. Zhang illustrates on how consumers, technology, industry and ways of reaching consumers have changed to prepare the development of retail business into new retail business.

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    Omni-channel Retailing Strategy

    Online shopping is increasingly switching from PC to smartphones nowadays. This session provides insight about how channel specific marketing strategy could be deployed for new retailing business and what may/may not work to ensure a consistent Omni-channel strategy for retailers struggling to keep both online and offline shopping channel for consumers.

  • Session


    The Opportunity of Influencer Livestreaming Marketing

    Influencer livestreaming has shown great potential to increase sales and promote brand awareness for retailers. This session discusses potential opportunities for influencer livestreaming as a marketing tool including influencer selection, performance measurement and content control based on both academic research and industry practice.

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    New Retail Quiz

    Please respond to all questions. A passing grade of 70/100 is required, but you are allowed 5 attempts to pass the quiz. You have one year's time to complete your quiz since successful registration of the course/program.