Digital Marketing in China

Discover how retail channels in China explore digital marketing models with technological innovation and changing consumer demand.

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About this course

With the rapid changes of the macro environment, the retail industry in China is constantly innovating, consumer needs are ever-changing, and retail channels are fiercely competing. Under new normal consumption patterns, how to seize the opportunity in the digital market is an issue worthy of discussing. This course discusses the changing needs of Chinese consumers in different segments, reviews the rise of livestreaming in China and its sustainability, and analyzes the differences in the digital marketing models between China and other regions. The future development of digital marketing is also discussed.

What you’ll learn

  • Evolvement of digital marketer in China 
  • The changes of Chinese consumers and the retail industry in China
  • The rapid rise of live-streaming in China and its sustainability in future development
  • Similarities and differences of digital marketing methods between China and other regions
  • Reasons behind the diverging business models between China and the US
  • Future development of digital marketing in China

About the instructor(s)

Zibin Xu

Guest professor at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Session


    A Brief Introduction

    This session briefly introduces the purpose of this lecture and brings up questions regarding digital marketing in China.

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    Chinese Consumers and Retail Industry

    As an important engine to stimulate economic growth, the consumption in China presents new characteristics and changes in the digital age. This section discusses the changes of consumer needs and the retail industry in China. Potential consumer groups and their characteristics are discussed.

  • Session


    Overview of Live-streaming Retail

    Live-streaming is the most popular digital channel in China. This session reviews the rapid rise of live-streaming in China, analyzes its sustainability as well as its value and pain points in future development

  • Session


    Digital Advertising & Marketplace

    Digital marketing gives new meaning to marketing mix, which is the main marketing method and development trend of enterprises in the digital economy era. However, China is quite different from other regions of the world. This session compares the Chinese market and the US market, and discusses the reasons behind the differences in their digital marketing channels and platforms.

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    Digital Marketing in China Quiz

    Please respond to all questions. A passing grade of 70/100 is required, but you are allowed 5 attempts to pass the quiz. You have one year's time to complete your quiz since successful registration of the course/program.



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  • Mariam Khatiashvili-Gurgenidze watched

    Jun 8, 2024 23:11:24

    This course gave me a very good knowledge of the most popular marketing service in China - live streaming. The Chinese market is completely different from the American or European markets, which makes it much more special, innovative, and interesting.


    Jun 1, 2024 14:07:45

    the course is well structured which combines all the digital aspects of consumer.

  • Amanda Chandra Dewi watched

    May 23, 2024 00:06:57

    Very good. Hope I can be success like Chinese peoples