Brand Building Digitalization

Focus on sustainable growth and discover how to drive sales by improving brand power in a digital way.

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About this course

Digitalization brings vast opportunities to optimize our business model. One of the most important part is to help brands go for real DTC (Direct to consumers).  This course addresses the following two issues in DTC transformation: One is how to leverage digital to understand and track our fast-changing consumers continuously, which is the precondition of DTC transformation; The other is how to leverage digital to improve the efficiency of brand building practice, from strategy to implementation. This course also analyzes cases in depth to illustrate how a company can build strong brand power in digital ways.


Note: This course is for learning purpose only and does not represent views of Tmall. To protect intellectual property rights, course videos, documents, materials, etc. shall not be downloaded, transmitted, reproduced, and quoted in any form, and shall not be used for commercial purposes.

What you’ll learn

  • The rational and challenges of the consumer-based business growth model 
  • The trend of turning focus from short-term wins to long-term brand building
  • Tmall digital solutions for segmentation and engagement of target consumers
  • Tmall brand power model and its 1+3 application scenarios
  • A holistic tracking system from brand management to daily operation
  • In-depth case studies of segmentation solutions for consumer strategy and brand power building solutions

About the instructor(s)

Gang Huang (Karl)

Head of Tmall Brand Power Institute (TBPI) of Taobao & Tmall Group Brand Business Development Center Business Growth


  • Session


    Refocus on Brand Building

    This session mainly discusses the rationale and challenges of DTC (Direct to consumers) model. Karl introduces the consumer-driven business model and then explains why brand love or long-term brand building in the digital market has gained more importance these years in China.

  • Session


    Digitalize Target Consumers

    This session focuses on the digitalization of segmenting target consumers. The Tmall strategic segments 2.0 system is introduced from four dimensions: Demographics, lifestyle/preference, new product adoption and decision-making style. Real business cases of different dimensions are analyzed to illustrate how the model can help corporates enhance their consumer strategy.

  • Session


    Redefine Brand Power in Digital Edge

    This session analyzes Tmall brand power model in depth to measure brand performance and demonstrate how it can help with the generation of actionable strategies in corporates from the perspectives of both brand market power and brand mind power.

  • Session


    Brand Building Digitalization Quiz

    Please respond to all questions. A passing grade of 70/100 is required, but you are allowed 5 attempts to pass the quiz. You have one year's time to complete your quiz since successful registration of the course/program.