Sustainable Urban Infrastructure with Chinese Characteristics

Featuring Mr Jonathan Woetzel, McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

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About this course

Mr Woetzel begins this exchange with a talk about sustainable urban infrastructure with Chinese characteristics, reviewing urban initiatives to realize sustainability, including the commitment of cities globally to net zero in carbon, new paradigms for urban living, development of city clusters, EV infrastructure and other innovations. Antai Professor Yin Haitao then joins Woetzel to discuss China's commitment to carbon neutrality, with focus on how businesses in China can align with national initiatives. The two also discuss power shortages in China and the reasons behind them. They close answering questions from the audience, on matters including advice for young people at early career stages.

What you’ll learn

  • Global practices of cities committing to net zero
  • Different aspects of the urban pathway to net zero
  • Initiatives inside and outside China in sustainable development
  • The tradeoffs between economic development and carbon neutrality
  • Advice on career development

About the instructor(s)

Jonathan Woetzel

Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company

Haitao Yin

Professor and Vice Dean at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Session


    Sustainable Urban Infrastructure with Chinese Characteristics

    This session provides an overview of commitments made to achieve sustainability both in China and the world at large. Possibilities and pathways to carbon neutrality, and innovative business models of urban development in China are also discussed.

  • Session


    Dialogue: Sustainable Urban Development in China

    This session further discusses China's commitment to carbon neutrality and how business in China should react to align with the national initiatives. Advice for young professionals is also offered at the end of the dialogue.

  • Session


    Q&A: Sustainable Urban Development in China

    This session opens the floor to audience for questions. Interesting discussions, opinions and considerations can be enjoyed in the follow-up Q&As.