China's Banking and Financial Sector

Featuring Mr Han Sheng Lin, professor of finance at New York University Shanghai, former Vice President, Wells Fargo China

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About this course

The banking industry in China has evolved with remarkable scope and speed, most recently with the emergence of fintech and the digital RMB. How do these evolutions affect the financial system overall, and risk management practice in China? Professor Lin and our Antai finance professor Li Nan offer insights on the development model of the banking industry and financial system in China, discuss the opportunities and challenges in fintech and digital currencies, review China´s strategy for RMB internationalization and highlight risk management practice here. In addition, the two professors share thoughts on finance education in China.

What you’ll learn

  • The development model of the banking industry in China
  • Why foreign banks have relatively small market share
  • The opportunities and challenges for the financial system as China upgrades its economy
  • The evolution of risk management
  • The impact of fintech and digital currency on China's financial system
  • Perspectives on RMB internationalization

About the instructor(s)

Han Shen Lin

Capstone Director & Assistant Professor of Practice in Finance at NYU Shanghai/NYU Stern Business School

Nan Li

Associate Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Session


    Financial System in China: Development and Challenges

    This session introduces development of China's banking industry and the challenges China's financial system faces with the emerging of Fin-tech industry, and elaborates on the risk management practice in China.

  • Session


    RMB Internationalization and Digital Currency

    This session further explores on China's strategy of RMB Internationalization and digital currency, analyzing their challenges and benefits for China's future development.



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