French Enterprises in China & China's Hospitality Sector

Featuring Mr Christophe Lauras, Senior VP, Operations, at Accor, and President of the French Chamber of Commerce in China (CCI France Chine) 

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About this course

We welcome Mr Lauras for a dialogue with Professor Yin Haitao. Lauras outlines the role of French Chamber of Commerce in China and provides insights from the perspective of the hospitality industry. The two discuss China's rapid development, external macro-environmental changes, corporate strategy, localization, challenges for MNCs, opportunities for future development, and the implications of sustainability initiatives for hospitality industry. Lauras also offers some suggestions for young professionals seeking engagement with China.

What you’ll learn

  • The role of the French Chamber of Commerce in China as well as the presence of French enterprises in China
  • The development and growth of Accor in China
  • The hospitality industry in China
  • Challenges MNCs have faced in their development in China and how they have tackled them
  • Trends and opportunities of development in China

About the instructor(s)

Christophe Lauras

President of the French Chamber of Commerce in China (CCI France Chine) Senior Vice President of Operations at Accor

Haitao Yin

Professor and Vice Dean at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Session


    Hospitality Industry in China and its Challenges

    This session briefly introduces the role of French Chamber of Commerce in China as well as development of hospitality industry in China, particularly its challenges in localization, recruitment and keeping up with changes in external environment.

  • Session


    Trends of Future Development in China

    This session dives deeper into localization in China and discusses the trends and opportunities in future development in China, especially the rise of new industries and the sustainability initiative.



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