The Food Sector in China

Featuring Mr Norman Gu, General Manager of Hormel China

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About this course

Antai professor Zhang Shuo and Mr Gu discuss China´s retail food sector overall and Hormel´s presence and growth here in particular. Gu, a native of Shanghai, has developed his career in Hormel over nearly 20 years and shares his thoughts about the retail environment in China, especially the transformative effect of O2O and e-commerce, and about Hormel´s China-specific innovation strategy. They also discuss how innovations in China's food sector are leading to advances in other markets.

What you’ll learn

  • The localization of a multi-national food company, and the challenges of a MNC in China's new retailing era
  • Hormel's successful sales and marketing practices, including their omni-channel strategy
  • The eco-system and business trends in China retailing
  • How innovation and strategies in China influence developments in the rest of the world

About the instructor(s)

Norman Gu

General Manager of Hormel Foods China

Shuo Zhang

Assistant Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Session


    Challenges and Development of Hormel in China

    This session talks about how Hormel develops its business in China. With discussions on the new retailing environment, it further dives into the marketing strategies of Hormel and the challenges confronting the company in the omni-channel era.

  • Session


    China Innovation for the Global Market

    This session explores the omni-channel marketing strategy and two-layer product strategy of Hormel China and further illustrates on how Hormel's China innovation goes beyond China.