Doing business in China 2.0: Winning in the next phase of globalization

Mr Yuan investigates seven myths of the China market, via case studies of both successful and failed foreign ventures, and suggests effective ways to participate in and manage this changing but still potentially lucrative market.

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Macro Economy

About this course

China's economic advance in the last four decades has been the most dramatic economic phenomenon of our time. Every business seems to be concerned with China – as a market, a supplier, or a competitor. For many multinationals, China has been ‘the billion dollar aspiration´—many have been drawn by its 1.3 billion consumers, untapped market opportunities and sustained GDP growth. Over the past four decades, foreign companies invested more in China than in any other market outside the US. Many have lost or written off their investments; but others have been very successful. 

This seminar is designed to help students understand some important realities about the China market. Mr Yuan's case studies prepare students to succeed in this changing but still potentially lucrative market.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic facts about, and major trends and forces in, China's economy and markets
  • The differences of doing business in China compared with doing so for more developed countries
  • Cultural and social sensitivity in doing business in China
  • Successful and unsuccessful practices in strategy, organization, leadership, and execution for foreign business in China
  • How to succeed in the Chinese market in the next phase of globalization

About the instructor(s)

Steven Yuan

Managing Director of China Fusion Capital and Chief Strategy Officer of Sunsea Group


  • Session


    Successes and Failures of MNCs in China

    This session discusses the experience and lessons learned by some multi-national companies in doing their businesses in China.

  • Session


    Change of Tide: Globalization and De-globalization

    This session introduces the growing tendency to gloss over the effects of socio-economic change in the tide of globalization and de-globalization.

  • Session


    Winning in the Next Phase of Globalization

    This session analyses what MNCs need to do facing the changing tide of globalization and de-globalization, including shift of industries and business patterns, response to social media etc., to better compete in Chinese market.