China and Chinese Firms in Global Economy

This course offers an overview of China´s overall international trade status and discusses China´s attempts to promote globalization and regional economic integration with case studies.

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Topic (s):

Macro Economy

About this course

The relationship between China and the world is dynamically changing. What is the current status? How China made attempts to achieve global integration? This course provides the audience with an overview of China´s role in the global economy. We will look at how China´s international trade status has evolved since its economic reform in 1978, the variable policies and instruments China has adopted to promote international trade and attract foreign direct investment, as well as evidence and cases of China´s investment in overseas market.

What you’ll learn

  • Have a general understanding of China´s international trade status
  • Learn patterns and policies China made to promote globalization and integrate into global economy
  • Learn how China grew and developed in international trade
  • Gain insight on how China use policy instruments to attract Foreign Direct Investment and its effect in China
  • Gain insight on how China developed Outward Foreign Direct Investment
  • Explore cases of “foreign companies coming to China” and “Chinese firms going out”

About the instructor(s)

Weisi Xie

Assistant Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Zhang Guoxiong

Network Director in Shanghai and Head of Economic and Business Research in China, Economist Corporate Network


  • Session


    China in Global Economy I

    This session focuses on an overall introduction of China's overall international trade status compared to other major players in the world economy.

  • Session


    China in Global Economy II

    This session introduces different policy instruments and some recent attempts adopted by China in order to promote globalization and regional economic integration are also discussed.

  • Session


    Foreign Firms Coming to China

    This session looks at foreign direct investment in China. Various policies aiming at attracting IFDI are introduced and case studies of two multinationals conducting investments in the Chinese market are discussed.

  • Session


    Chinese Firms "Going" Out

    This session discusses China's outward FDI status and its impact on both the domestic firms and consumers, as well as the economy of the receiving countries. A Chinese multinational's investment cases in the European market is also discussed.