Retailing in China

Professor Rong Ying provides an overview of online & offline retailing in China, and discusses how innovation helps O2O growth here.

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New Retailing

About this course

The retail industry in China has gone through profound transformation in the past decades, especially with the rapid growth in online retailing, which is driven by the development of technology and innovation in retailing sector. How do some consumer product companies grow to become online giants in China, and how do they innovate? How do these innovations help their growth? Prof Rong provides an overview of the online retailing surge in China, analyzes how companies innovate to adjust to the changing environment and consumer behavior, and discusses how offline retailers can better react to rapid growth of online retailing for more sustainable development.

What you’ll learn

  • The rapid growth of online retailing in China
  • The roadmap of successful innovations in China´s online retail in the past decades
  • The relationship between innovation and the changing environment as well as consumer behavior in China
  • How innovation helps the growth of online retailing in China, especially with live streaming and logistics
  • How offline retailers reacted to the growth of online retailing, analyzing the outcomes with case studies
  • How offline retailers can take advantage of technology and innovation for more sustainable development

About the instructor(s)

Ying Rong

Professor at Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Session


    The Booming Trend for Online Retailing in China

    This session shows the statistics of the growth and development of online retailing in China and introduces how innovation helps the growth.

  • Session


    Three Key Innovations in Online Retailing in China

    This session discusses three types of innovations in details. Specifically, the connection between those innovations and the transaction cost reduction is provided.

  • Session


    Reactions from Offline Retailers

    This session discusses reactions from offline retailers to the growth of online retailing, and suggests on how they can better react for future development.