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Li Yang


Koguan School of Law

Vice Dean, Institute of Smart Court

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Professor YANG Li is a professor at Koguan School of Law, the Vice Dean of Institute of Smart Court at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is also the chief editor of International Business Law Review. In addition, he is the core expert of China Corporate Social Responsibility Think Tank, Regional Rule of Law Think Tank, Supreme Court Justice Studies Group, Shanghai High Court Think Tank, and is also the senior legal counsel of Shanghai Bureau of Justice, the vice chairman of Shanghai Association of Corporate Counsel, the chairman of Shanghai Association of Non-state Corporate Counsel, the chairman of Shanghai Big Data Application of Social Science Institute.

Professor YANG Li received his Ph. D. from Nanjing Normal University, and was a visiting scholar in the Supreme Court of PRC, China University of Political Science and Law, Duke University, University of North Carolina and Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research interests include the Legal Sociology, Corporate Compliance and Social Responsibility, Interdisciplinary Study of Legal Big Data, Foreign Investment Law, Judicial Reform and Legal Education.