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Wesley (Bun) Chiu

Co-founding board director

UWC (United World College ) 

Changshu, China

Wesley is a board member of UWC Changshu China,a member of the UWC National Committee of China(as Selection Coordinator) and a financial sponsor of "UWC Go Make A Difference" programme. He is a visiting fellow at Harvard University.

Previously he worked at SCA (a global leading tissue company) as General Counsel Asia Pacific, also responsible for sustainability projects in the region. He was also a board director of Vinda (HKSE 3331), one of the leading tissue companies in China and an external postgraduate programme faculty at the Law School of Shanghai Jiaotong University.  

Wesley is enthusiastic about education. Apart from serving at UWC, he is a founding management team member of Project VolunOnline, an NGO pioneering the application of using video conferencing technology for 200+ volunteers in cities to provide real-time interactive classes to children in more than 40 remote villages in China on a daily basis.   

He graduated from LPC UWC in 1995. He then received scholarship from University College London and furthered his study at Hong Kong University. He is a qualified lawyer in Hong Kong and England.