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Jens Ewert

Senior Partner

Deloitte China

Deloitte China Life Sciences & Health Care Leader

Jens Ewert is a Senior Partner with Deloitte China and Deloitte China Life Sciences and Health Care Leader since 2002, and has over 30 years of working experience in the professional services. For many years already, he is a member of Deloitte China Eastern Region Management team. Jen's responsibilities include providing services to Multinational Clients (MNC) in China and leading the Deloitte China Life Sciences & Health Care Industry 

Jens is currently a Board member at the EUCCC Shanghai Chapter and the National Chair of the Investment Working group since 2016 at the EU Chamber in China. He started his career in 1988 in France, and other than China, he has been living and working Hungary (1990-94), the US, Vietnam (1995-98) and Indonesia (1998-99).

Jens holds German and French nationalities, and calls France – beyond Shanghai - his home. He received his education in France (Paris), University Paris Dauphine and the Institut des Sciences Politiques de Paris, and holds a CPA Australia license. He is a passionate Tennis and Golf player in Shanghai, when time permits.