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Steven Yuan

Managing Director, China Fusion Capital

Chief Strategy Officer

Sunsea Group


Steven Yuan is the Managing Director of China Fusion Capital and Chief Strategy Officer of Sunsea Group. He is mainly responsible for transforming portfolio companies toward Internet of Things industry, developing acquisition plans to fuel the growth of the portfolio company, and leading due diligence, negotiations, and the post-merger integration of acquired companies.

Prior to joining Fusion Group, Steven has previously worked as Greater China Knowledge Team manager and project leader for Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He grew BCG’s knowledge team in China by 3x and drove both customer and team satisfactions to historical high, promoted BCG's expertise around outbound M&A, participated in multiple BCG projects as M&A expert, and piloted new ways to strengthen BCG's industry research and retention of knowledge in China.

Steven obtained his MBA from Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, and Master of Economics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.